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To cater to your needs, we have three different service packages!

You can choose different packages for different spaces of your home to fully customize your experience (yay!)

Package 1: Decluttering only

In this package, we help you sort through your things to decide what stays and what doesn’t.

This package is ideal for clients about to move, for clients that have accumulated a lot of things, for clients that are indecisive or feeling overwhelmed with how to tackle the clutter.

Package 1 - Decluterring
Package 2 - Plan

Package 2: Planning

In this package, we help develop the full spatial distribution of your plan and the ideal product list. You receive the layout of how the final space should be as well as the list of products for you to shop, and you take it from there!

This package is ideal for clients that prefer to organize themselves and only need guidance on how to do so.

Package 3: Organizing

In this package, we do everything! We begin by creating the plan for your space, purchasing all required items (from furniture to organizational products and everything in between), and we organize the space to perfection, while you sit down, relax & await for the surprise!

This package is ideal for clients that want the full-service experience of Maison Meló.

Package 3 - Organizing
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